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Surface Analysis

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PHI 700 Xi The PHI 700Xi Scanning Auger Nanoprobe provides high performance Auger (AES) spectral analysis, Auger imaging, and sputter depth profiling of complex materials including: nanomaterials, catalysts, metals, and electronic devices.
Quantera II XPS The Quantera II is the next generation of PHI’s highly successful scanning XPS microprobe product line. The Quantera II provides high sensitivity large and micro-area spectroscopy, superior inorganic and organic depth profiling, and the fully automated analysis of insulating or conductive samples.
VersaProbe XPS The PHI 5000 VersaProbe is a multi-technique surface analysis instrument based on PHI's highly successful scanning x-ray microprobe technology. This technology provides high performance XPS micro-area spectroscopy, chemical imaging, and secondary electron imaging with a raster scanned 10 µm diameter x-ray beam.
nanoTOF TOF-SIMS The new PHI TRIFT V nanoTOF surface analysis instrument is the next generation of PHI's highly successful line of TOF-SIMS instruments which utilize the patented TRIFT analyzer. Several significant improvements have been introduced with the nanoTOF.