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Photon Emission Microscope

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Phemos-1000 The PHEMOS-1000 is a standard model high-resolution emission microscope that includes an IR confocal laser scan microscope.
Phemos 200 The Phemos-200 is an emission microscope with basic mesasurement performance. It is equipped with a 1024 x 1024 pixel high resolution, cooled CCD camera as standard.
THEMOS-1000 The THEMOS-1000 thermal emission analysis tool is a system for analyzing semiconductor failures through the detection and localization of the thermal signal generated within semiconductor devices.
THEMOS-Mini THEMOS mini is thermal emission microscope with a high-sensitivity InSb camera that detects internal heat emissions from a semiconductor device. By displaying the detected thermal image superimposed onto the pattern image,
Triphemos In response to the increased speed of CPU’s and the requirements for reduced power consumption in mobile devices, advanced ICs have undergone a lowering of voltage, conversion to flip chips, multi-layering and further size reductions.
uAMOS-200 The IR-OBIRCH Analysis System "μAMOS" is a semiconductor failure analyzer which uses IR-OBIRCH (Infrared Optical Beam Induced Resistance CHange) method for localization of leakage current path and the abnormal resistance part of contacts (via contact) in LSI devices. The S/N ratio can be greatly improved by using a lock-in unit to detect OBIRCH signal at specific frequency. Furthermore, by using the high current probe head, devices running at high current and high voltage can be analyzed.